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Forget about spam, advertising mailings, hacking and attacking robots. Keep your real mailbox clean and secure. Temp Mail provides temporary, secure, anonymous, free, disposable email address.


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Best Free Temp eMail (Temp Mail) Service Forever

Temp eMail is one of the best free temporary email services. It’s really easy to use — no password, no registration and no payment required.

All you have to do just visit the website and copy the randomly generated email address. When you scroll down, you’ll find an inbox where emails sent to the address appear.

The inbox is constantly refreshing, so you won’t miss any important messages. Emails sent to the address are stored for 30 days before being deleted, along with your IP address and other personal data.

There is no premium or hidden charge for Temp Mail, which costs you nothing, it is totally free forever. Temp eMail offers a variety of features. You can create unlimited custom or random email addresses totally for free.

What is a Temporary Email: Everything You Need to Know

Temporary email is a service that allows users to receive an email at a temporary address that expires after 30 days.

Many online discussion forums, blogs and websites ask visitors to register before they can post comments, view premium content or download white papers. A disposable email account will allow the visitor to sign up and verify his registration without exposing his primary email account to spam.

A disposable email address, which has its own inbox. Disposable email is also called throw-away email, temporary email, temp mail, fake email generator, or trash-mail. Keep your real mailbox clean and secure.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Temporary Email Account

  1. Privacy – A valid email is mandatory for many online activities, like service signups, email confirmations, form submissions and downloads. But it can be risky to give a real address since some sites collect private information to sell or share with third parties. Using a throwaway email in these situations keeps your real address private.
  2. Security – An email address you use every day for personal and professional communications may not always be the best one to give out to strangers. Anonymous forums, dating websites, classified ads and other websites you don’t trust can present a safety issue. Using a burner email helps keep you safe and secure.
  3. Testing Your App – A fake email generator comes in very handy when you’re doing work in certain technical fields. Websites features, customer signups, downloads and other development and quality assurance tasks require a temporary email account for testing and troubleshooting. Using a temporary email keeps your main inbox neat and tidy.
  4. For Double Account – You need another account to program a second Facebook Account, Twitter Account, Instagram Account or other social account run for your marketing site. A new account needs a different mail from your default, to rule out managing a new email inbox, get a new disposable email address at
  5. Avoid Spam – An email address you give out to everyone is soon going to be overwhelmed with spam. Too many spam emails can lead to email overload, where you have trouble getting your work done and it starts to affect your sanity and health. Using a disposable email address for fishy websites helps protect your real address from spam.

How to Use Temp eMail as a Temporary Email Address

  1. Visit the Temp-eMail.Pro website. The page auto-creates a temp email for you.
  2. If you want a different auto-generated email, click the “Delete” button. The system will create a new one to use. You can also use this button when finished using the email address.
  3. If you don’t like the auto-generated email address process, Click on “Change,” then type in your desired “email” and “domain,” such as []

Permanent and Secure Temporary Email Options with Our Unique Domain List and TDLs 

Temporary email, also known as disposable email, is a type of email service designed for temporary use. Our service offers six different domain options with unique top-level domains (TLDs) specifically for temporary email, providing users with a variety of choices for their temporary email needs. The validity of these accounts is permanent, meaning they will not expire, providing users with a convenient and secure way to receive emails without having to worry about the expiration of their temporary account. This type of email service is useful for users who want to protect their privacy or avoid spam, as they can receive emails without having to provide a permanent email address.

Domains (TLD) Status Validity Active Permanent Active Permanent Active Permanent Active Permanent Active Permanent Active Permanent

Awesome Features

Disposable temporary email protects your real email address from spam, advertising mailings, malwares.

Frequently Asked Questions About Temp Mail

  • What is Temp Mail? Temp Mail is a temporary email service that allows you to receive emails at a disposable address, protecting your privacy and avoiding spam.

  • How does Temp Mail work? Temp Mail provides you with a randomly generated email address that you can use to receive emails. The emails sent to this address are stored temporarily on the Temp Mail servers, allowing you to access them and read them for 30 days.

  • How long does the email remain available in Temp Mail? The availability of the emails in Temp Mail is for 30 days.

  • Is Temp Mail a secure service? While Temp Mail provides a basic level of privacy protection by allowing you to receive emails without revealing your real email address, it may not be as secure as using a personal email account with a reputable email provider.

  • Can I use Temp Mail for important emails? Temp Mail is not recommended for use with sensitive or important emails as the service is not guaranteed to be secure or reliable.

  • How do I create a Temp Mail address? Creating a Temp Mail address is simple and straightforward. Just visit a Temp Mail service provider's website and follow the instructions to generate a temporary email address.

  • Can I customize my Temp Mail address? Most Temp Mail service providers do not allow users to customize their email addresses, but allows you to create custom email addresses.

  • Can I send emails from a Temp Mail address? No, Temp Mail is a temporary email service for receiving emails only. You cannot send emails from a Temp Mail address.

  • Is Temp Mail free? Yes, Temp eMail is free to use. There is no premium or hidden charge for Temp Mail, which costs you nothing, it is totally free forever. Temp eMail offers a variety of features. You can create unlimited custom or random email addresses totally for free.

  • Can I use Temp Mail on mobile devices? Yes, Temp Mail is available on mobile devices and can be used through a web browser or through a mobile app.

  • If I forget your main website? Don't stress if you happen to forget our main website! Simply recover your desired email address by pasting it and removing everything before the "@" symbol. For example, if your email is "", simply type "" into your browser and you will be automatically redirected to our main website.

In conclusion, Temp eMail can be a useful tool for protecting privacy and avoiding spam, but it's important to choose a reputable service and understand the limitations of this type of email service.